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The Countdown is on…

27 Sep

Looks like I’m heading back overseas to do some more teaching (and more learning!) so make sure you come and play for my last six weeks!

Monday             6.00pm       General

Tuesday            6.15am        Sunrise Express
                              9.30am       General

Thursday          6.00pm      Advanced Workshop Class
                              8.00pm      General

In the meantime…here’s a little bit of inspiration!

What a week!

9 Sep

Phew! Can’t believe I made it!

With the the Morning program on ABC’s Radio Australia and yoga and writing work (plus, a girl’s gotta play!) it has been a busy time…

Luckily, my gorgeous friend Irene is getting married, so I’m escaping to the sunshine of Perth for 10 days to be her bridesmaid!

My AYA classes will be covered by the gorgeous girls at the studio and I have told them to crack some inappropriate jokes so you don’t miss me too much.

I’ve just posted my Fairfax travel article link on the new “Writing” page and there are new interviews from our week on Radio Australia – I especially love some of the 9/11 interviews.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Finding Balance…

5 Sep

I’m taking fewer classes this week so I can play more on the radio: this week I’m hosting the Morning program on ABC’s Radio Australia from 730am to 10am Melbourne time.

We broadcast across Asia and the Pacific, but if you want to listen in Australia, log onto and click through to English for Asia. I’ll pop some of the discussions and interviews up on the Media page, so keep an eye out!   

Also, I’m finally starting to post some of the class readings on here, so check out the new “Inspiration” page for your dose of sunshine.

Monday            6.00pm       General
                             8.00pm       Meditation

Thursday          6.00pm       Advanced Workshop Class
                              8.00pm       General

Full class schedule and other studio information at