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One from me…

18 Oct

I have read this piece out at the start of classes…But I’ve always felt a little shy to post it up, because I wrote it myself.

In honour of my last week, I promised my students I would post it, so…

Today, I am my practice
Today, thousands of muscular impulses become tiny sparks of light in my body
lighting the way for what feels right

Today the heat I build in my practice propels me into my day
Into my life
Suddenly, I am fervour; I am focus
I am the master of my dreams.

The pose that challenged me is now a friend –
guiding hands to help my body be & grow & strengthen.

I am reborn in this moment, on this mat,
right now. And now. And now.

I release the baggage of my past and feel the lightness of my arms
and my heart.

Today my practice is love and light.
It’s the winged sandals lifting me to inspiration.

Final days…

17 Oct

Well, I’m into my last week teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy, as I prepare to head off overseas again.

Loving the studio and students makes it so much harder to leave!

My last classes are:

Monday             6.00pm       General

Tuesday             6.15am        Sunrise Express
                               9.30am        General

Thursday          6.00pm      Advanced Workshop Class
                              8.00pm      General

I’m really, really hoping I’ll be able to run at least one workshop before I leave…but time is already getting away from me!!

In the meantime, this video is getting me all excited about being on the road again…

Chanting for Charity

12 Oct
We’ve been talking about it for ages…Now we’re finally making it happen!
Come along this Sunday to join in a Chanting and Kirtan evening. 
Learn what the chants mean, find your voice and let’s raise the roof with our collective energy! 
This session is suitable for everyone – Even if you have never chanted before or can’t sing in tune. The energy, vibration and intention of your voice is what will create this experience.

WHEN: *THIS* Sunday 16 October 
TIME: 6pm – 7.30pm

All proceeds go to the Ruhunu Orphanage near Galle in Sri Lanka, where I spent a bit of time earlier this year.
Help us keep these little ones in nappies!

You can read more about the orphanage online:

There are lots of before and after pictures from a few years ago, but the place coule definitely use another makeover now. Your money will be going towards immediate needs, like nappies, bedding and formula.