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New Events Added!

26 Sep

I’m so excited to be coming back to Melbourne! 

As the city where I have spent most of my adult life, it’s full of friends who are like family, teachers I admire and thousands of places that bring up powerful nostalgia. Spending fewer than two weeks is NOT ENOUGH! 

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to reconnect with students. Being in Melbourne last year and teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy, I was training some of my first students to be yoga teachers. It’s such a blessing to be able to drop back in and see that growth in action.

My full Melbourne schedule is now up on the Retreats/Workshops page here

It’s a full programme of chanting, self inquiry, meditation and asana work – well, as much as I could squeeze into this amount of time…

Make sure you get your bookings and payments in ASAP – we are filling up FAST! 

Planning Lovely Things…

20 Sep

2012 has been a busy, challenging and wonderful year so far! 

I began the year in Thailand, on Koh Pha Ngan teaching yoga and going deeply into tantra practice and breath work. The Sanctuary hosted a raft of amazing teachers this season and I was so lucky to be able to work with some truly inspiring yogis and practitioners. 

From the island, I spent time in Bangkok and Hong Kong, in culture shock after my quiet months on the bay. Where every morning, I would wake up to this: 

View from my balcony.

And this: 

After managing to organise a visa, I spent the next few months teaching and exploring China…

Learning about Australia

Look what I drew!

Then it was back on the road, travelling through Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to arrive on Bali just in time to teach a delicious High Vibe Retreat at Michael Franti’s glorious Soul Shine Villa. 

Surrendering to sunset

Heaven in a wildflower…

Soulshine’s beautiful pool

Now I am back in Australia for a couple of months, organising the next moves!

I’ve just booked in a bunch of workshops and intensives in Melbourne in mid October – make sure you check out the Workshops/Retreats page for all the details – and am gearing up for the NEXT High Vibe Retreat in Bali at the end of October.

You can read more about all the magic that goes into that by visiting

It’s a really exciting time!