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How To Find Cheap Flights to the Bay of Love

23 Nov

A few years ago, when I first started jetting around all the time, a frequent flyer friend of mine taught me a few little tricks to save on airfares. This can sometimes take longer than flying directly to where you want to go, but for me, it has been a great way to see more places on my transits and I’ve saved thousands of dollars in the process. 

You want to find the cheapest way to get to the other continent and then use local carriers to get around within that continent. 

Using Melbourne to Koh Samui for the retreat as the example, here’s how I do it: I use a flight search engine like, or to check first how much it costs to fly directly. 
Right now, Malaysia Airlines have flights from Melbourne for around $690 to Koh Samui. Usually, flying directly to Samui will cost at least $1000 from Melbourne, so this is a fairly reasonably priced flight for those of you wanting to fly straight there! 

But if you’re prepared to break the flight up into little legs, you can fly to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia X from Melbourne for around $380, then grab a flight to Koh Samui for around $60 – $120 with Firefly from Subang Airport.  

Alternatively, Jetstar has some ridiculously cheap flights from Melbourne to Bangkok right now – $360!

Then you can grab a Bangkok Airways flight for around $100 – $150 to Samui. Thai Airways also often has promotions from Bangkok to Samui from as low as $50.

If you want to save even more, you can fly with Air Asia or Thailand’s Nok Air from Bangkok to Surat Thani for around $30. You then catch a ferry over to Koh Pha Ngan from the mainland. 

Personally, I use the stopovers as opportunities to see friends or explore the stopover – You may need to stay a night in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to make it work. I can give you loads of recommendations for places to stay and things to see in both cities.

Those of you coming from Europe or the US, use the hubs like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok as your entry point. It will save you loads of money!!! 

Happy to answer any questions!


Oh, Sweet Queen City of the Golden South!!

16 Nov

Easing into Humble Warrior

It’s not always easy to return to the place where you began teaching and I had been worried that students who loved my old ways wouldn’t like some of the new stuff. As one long time student said: “It’s still you, just with more “happy juice” – you got me all buzzed in the first 10 minutes, rather than by the end of the class like you used to.”

Makes me feel all fuzzy and excited about what’s to come!

Running around and having fun…

Stretching out to some tunes…

Connecting with fellow yogis…

I’m incredibly grateful to Lila who organised the five morning intensive at Gertrude Street Yoga in Fitzroy. She made that beautiful space into a safe, warm haven for us on those cold mornings and brought together a wonderful group of people. If you haven’t checked out the studio yet, make sure you get along. Every time I walked up the stairs I could feel myself relax and release.

As always, huge thanks to Dominique and Anthony, my teachers and the super team at the helm of the Australian Yoga Academy in Prahran, for hosting the weekend sessions. These guys changed my life through their teacher training six years ago and continue to inspire me with their lives and practices (and their gorgeous new baby boy!) It’s so great to be able to come home to that studio and reconnect with students old and new and share what I’ve been doing, off in the world.

You can read more about what people thought about the Melbourne workshops here:

 Stay tuned! I’ll post very soon about ways to find cheap flights to Thailand for those of you looking at coming to the next retreat in late February.

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