Travelling moments…

3 May

I travel. A lot. I love being in new places, trying exotic foods, meeting interesting people. I love being in summer most of the time! (the cold and I – we don’t get along.)

But I especially love how being in the unfamiliar shakes me out of my comfort zone. It makes me NOTICE things – like a ladybug on the footpath, or a particular delicious smell, or a beautiful coat someone is wearing. Watching people go about their daily lives: their expressions, interactions, behaviours.

There’s something delicious about taking a moment to stop, breathe, watch and listen.Β Have you done that today? You may be surprised by what rushes in in those moments. Sensations of bliss, of love, of light. A sense of limitlessness.

This poem by Omar Musa reminds me exactly of those moments. I was lucky enough to connect with Omar when he came in as a guest on a radio program I was hosting. He’s a master at capturing a sentiment, a feeling, a moment.

If you get a chance, check out Omar’s other poems and spoken word performances. Really powerful stuff.


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