Cultivating Wonder: Shiny Song #4

8 May

How often do you look above your eyeline?

Do you see the nature around you, even in a city? Do you wonder at the clouds and the sky? When did you last stop and look at the stars?

I remember as a kid, often looking up to see the way the light filtered between the leaves in the trees. The sparkles the sun made as it danced through that yummy green. I was also pretty clumsy, and over the years, after tripping on various footpaths while dreamily staring at the sky, I got the message: “Watch where you’re going!”

Yesterday, I walked home as a storm brewed around me. By some miracle, I was managing to avoid the intermittent downpours. The wind whipped my hair around my face, it’s icy fingers biting at my ears and fingers. The clouds were gathering in clusters of white and grey, every changing, galloping around the the sky.

As I cut through a park to get home, a sliver of sun burst through the clouds just as I looked up and I was bathed in light.

It really felt like I was walking towards the sky, me and my feet, whole and complete.

This song came into my ears and I was in tears as I strode across the grass, against the wind.

Surrender (and get your feet wet!)

Surrender (and get your feet wet!)

Just a few minutes later, the sun disappeared and the rain began. I sheltered under a tree for a while, pressing my cheek against its protective trunk and smelling the earth come alive with each drop of water on the soil around me.

Are you seeing the world around you? Really, deeply breathing the air? I’m working in an office for the first time in a long time. I’m usually on a beach or overlooking a rice paddy with a notebook or laptop. I can see how much I have begun to take it for granted. That privilege of freedom, of open air.

Today, even for a few minutes, give yourself to the storm. To the air. To the sky above you. Look up! And breathe it in. We are so lucky to be alive.


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