How You Can Make A Difference to Bangladesh

15 May

I’ve been sad and horrified at the reports coming out of Bangladesh after the Rana Plaza building collapse near Dhaka.

They’ve now called off the search for survivors, which puts the number of deaths at more than 1100. Remember how much coverage there was about the Boston Marathon bombings?

Pic by Sharat Chowdhury

Pic by Sharat Chowdhury

Police have arrested 12 people, including the owner of the building and four factory owners who are accused of forcing staff to return to work a day after they had to evacuate the building when they found cracks in the structure.

As terrible as the events of the collapse have been, it’s also an opportunity for us to look at how we spend our money in the global economy.

On 720 ABC Perth today, I spoke to  Tanwi Nandini Islam, an author and artist who is the daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants to the US.

Tanwi wrote two inspiring, thought provoking pieces for about what needs to be done in the wake of this tragedy.

She said seeing Bangladesh being put through the wringer of the global garment industry is heartbreaking, but that there’s much we can do to make a difference.


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