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It’s the end of the world as we know it…

21 Dec

I feel so blessed to be in Mexico, in the rich culture of Maya at this time of change!

Looking forward...

Looking forward…

It has been so interesting to hear everyone talk about the “apocalypse” and the “end of the world” as we have been doing so much celebrating here: heralding in a new galactic era.

Calendar in Coba showing the end of the cycle

Calendar in Coba showing the end of the cycle

Octavio Yah’s mother is full blooded Mayan and he has studied with Mexico’s Institute of Anthropology, worked extensively as a guide around Mexico’s sacred sites and teaches art and culture to Mayan kids (and those of us to who visit here!)

Octavio Yah

Octavio Yah

“We are mixing all the things up from Nostradamus, about the end of the world and the apocalypse, with the Mayan calendar and Hollywood entertainment,” he says.

“In the Mayan calendar, the end of this is just the beginning of a new cycle. That’s why the Mayans are so important in this moment because it’s the end of the time of night in the galaxy and the beginning of a new day cycle. This is the sunrise in the galaxy! We are going to be in the same position in the Milky Way as we were 5200 years ago.”

Ceremony in Tulum

Ceremony in Tulum

Octavio says each cycle is further divided into 1300 years – we have a feminine and a masculine cycle – and he says a masculine cycle finished on the 12th of December this year.

“We are emerging from a time of patriarchy, from 1300 years of fighting for power and territory. You can see this even between groups in this part of the world, the Mayans and the Aztecs, for example. That was more the male energy, when the Aztecs stopped coming to trade and started coming with spears, making human sacrifices.

Before then, if you’re going to ask for something, the Mayans would offer something from themselves: your best jewellery would be an offering for the cenote (water hole) or you would be pure in intention. The offering would come from your heart.

When the human sacrifices came, it became about fear and doubt and you can see the slow degradation of these civilisations.”

Octavio in Ceremony in Tulum

Octavio in Ceremony in Tulum

The fact that the calenders stop just shows the nature of these cycles, Octavio says.

“We are going back to the beginning,” he says. “We have the intelligence, the creativity now to make a new count – using the best ideas of all cultures, we move forward.”

“Now, we are returning to a time of fertility, creativity, of compassion, beauty – of caring, of mother energy. It’s about honouring the feminine energy inside all things. If we recognise that we can all have this energy, this compassion, the world is going to change!”

So as we celebrate the solstice here on the Yucatan, don’t panic that the world will end. We’re all dancing to bring in the new, important changes, which the Mayans believe will start to move the energy of the planet forward in one direction.

Calendar with hieroglyphs showing closing of the cycle

Calendar with hieroglyphs showing closing of the cycle.