“When I signed up for the Shiny, Happy, Healthy retreat I really had no idea what to expect, it isn’t something I have done before, so each moment was a complete surprise and delight! I went with no expectations and each day I was surprised, challenged and delighted at each experiences I had.

The location is delightful, Megan’s openness and caring shine through in each part of the retreat and what I learned from the retreat is something that will stay with me for a lifetime.

I can’t thank Megan and the team enough for an amazing holiday that gifted me new friends, yoga, meditation and insights that will stay with me forever.”

– Sian Gard, December 2017 Retreat participant

Sidsel“The retreat had a great flow to it – they had obviously put a lot of thought and effort and energy into the sequence of events, the storyline of events we were to experience.
Without force, without pressure, a group of more or less total strangers were allowed to gently, softly, safely melt away our outer shells and come together for an honest, humbling, courageous, happy, fun, loving, juicy, delicious shared experience.

The first thing I think anyone notices about Megan is her amazing voice and beautiful presence. I think anyone would happily listen to her for hours, which is what you do at a workshop or week long intensive. She creates a very lovely environment, and I feel safe and at ease being guided by her throughout any practice.

She has a great understanding of Yoga and all its elements and conveys it in a very personal and easy to understand way. I love being challenged in body and mind when it’s in a space like that, because it makes it easier for me to take up the challenge.

And most importantly, there is a lot of fun to be had. It is an inspiration and a pleasure to practice with and learn from her.”
– Sidsel Henriksen, Melbourne, Australialotus-flower-symbol“The customized program designed by Megan is among one of the best self development experiences I have been part of. A guided journey to the edge of comfort zones, maps and directions provided for self-exploration thereafter.

Megan has a knack for making everything feel like it’s personally tailored to facilitate your specific revelation or synchronicity.”
– Daithi Ó Gliasáin, Perth, Australia

lotus-flower-symbol“Megan is such an inspiration. I love the way she teaches! She makes yoga something modern because she’s gentle and warm but also so much fun! She really has a truly magical presence.

I’m so grateful for having been able to join the retreat and just amazed how 7 days can change the way you see/feel things for much more time!Shiny Happy Healthy is now my own mantra!

I feel so thankful for Megan for sharing her happiness, her life lessons, and shininess! Merci!”

– Noémie Maulino – Paris

“Megan’s Chanting session and Yoga Intensive workshop was an experience I’d happily take part in again. She has a natural ability to bring a feeling of lightness and union to the group. Within the first few moments of both sessions I had a feeling of connectedness and understanding with the other students. The chanting was an uplifting and heart warming experience, where I felt a sense of comfort in letting go.

Megan’s experience as a yoga teacher shone through during the yoga intensive workshop. The warm up and options were appropriate but I was particularly impressed with the partner work and selection of advanced poses. Her knowledge and understanding of each of the poses allowed them to become accessible for everyone in the room.

I thank her for her kindness and generosity over the weekend.”
– Jen Lowe, Melbourne, Australia

Stretching in Pairs

Stretching in Pairs


“I was very privileged to be part of your workshop… THANK YOU! for such a great and informative workshop.  I taught my regular yogis in Dunsborough on Tuesday night and incorporated some of your ideas into my class – and they loved it.

You are such an inspiration and a have a truly magical presence.  I’m sure wherever you head from here, you’ll be met with nothing but great things.”

Shelley Guy, Dunsborough, Western Australia

Dearest Megan,

I wanted to extend my gratitude for the experience of being able to share in your energy, practice and presence on Saturday.

As I have only practised Iyengar these past few years and have had the desire to further my practise I could not have wished for a more delightful, energetic Earth Angel to show me another form of yoga as yourself and how much I received from your workshop.

Again a sincere thank you for showing me a whole new perspective on yoga for not only the body however the mind and unlocking a few old conditions that I realised after Saturday I was hanging onto.

So roll in the new flow universe I feel we have just made some internal room for the yummy good stuff to flow in…… 🙂

Hugs and magic,

– Emma Girotto, Melbourne, Australia


“Megan brings her beautiful spirit to class. Warm energy, fun and lightheartedness describe her yoga. Megan flows gracefully through life and travel, bringing her fluidity to the mat, eager to share her wisdom and grace. More than asana, her classes is the experience of the whole.”

– Ling Tan, Melbourne, Australia

“Megan has a way of awakening the body, mind and heart through her colourful mix of dance, chants & creative Asana sequences. I looked forward to each morning’s practice…. Curious as a child, full of excitement & ever so grateful for the unfolding journey Megan took me on as her student.”

– Alythaa Kamille, Melbourne, Australia


“I met Megan after she had graduated from AYA and I had started going to yoga after a break for many years. Megan is a focused, inspirational and a  knowledgeable yoga teacher. Megan also has  a sound understanding of the human anatomy and teaches from the heart.

I recently attended a 5 day intensive yoga retreat in Fitzroy (Gertrude Yoga Centre), Melbourne.  we all had so much fun we danced, laughed, wrote and talked about our dreams.

I would not hesitate going to another of Megan’s retreats or yoga classes again and I look forward to seeing her back in Melbourne for another 5 days intensive yoga work shop. I’m very grateful that I have been taught yoga by her!”

– Rose, Remedial Massage Therapist, Live Life Massage, St Kilda, Australia